Story of Film – Episode 1 – Birth of the Cinema

Film History Museum, Ahead on Your Left“Film History Museum, Ahead on Your Left” by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

  • 1895-1918: The World Discovers a New Art Form or Birth of the Cinema

movies are made in many different areas and all have different orgin stories no matter if it is in America or an other country

light matters in cinema

very time machine like to know how humans have advanced so much

france was very into and amazed with film (france had one of the 1st female directors)

  • 1903-1918: The Thrill Becomes Story or The Hollywood Dream

film is used to express a launguge of ideas and expression

editing is an important part of film to show smooth transitions and fragments and has action replay

the star system/fame and used scycology to make people wanted to watch the film

hollywood is big and used for movies because it is sunny and nice weather and in cali the copy wright laws are way less strict then the laws on the east side of the country

used cuts that face the same way and the camera was at an 180 degree line to leave the camera by

woman where big important part of the films from acting producing and screen writing

Youtube notes


its important to have direction Your light when you position it in different directions can make your subject different shapes.

color Flat lighting deosnt give demention or shadows but you can get an even and clear lighting

quantity Is useful so you know when to use much light or very little light

quality Good and bright lights are good for different situations used in films and movies


having fun ideas and sticking and staying loyal to the idea

the characters stick to the pattern

1 character is comfortable

2 they want something

3 enter an unfamiliar situation

4 adapt to situation

5 get what they wanted

6 pay a heavy price for it

7 return to familiar situation/home

8 have changed

the show uses lessons and questions and conflicts to make the show meaningful

rick and morty is a good show because they have a formula to the episodes, they also make funny jokes. But one of the most important is that the characters are very indavidual from eachother and they have their own personal problems that couses personal conflict and conflict with others.

Production Project – Session 2




Intention (SMART Goal)

To make the dialog useful to the film


Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s)

Will Ferrel

Training Source(s)

Mr. Le Duc’s YouTube playlist screenwriting videos

Project Timeline

By December 1st (that’s the time we showed our movie)

Proposed Budget

No money needed


The (FILM, SOUND, or GAME Creation)

Skills Commentary


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

I don’t think my team had any problems to face that were big, but we were really good at replacing multiple situations that just were not possible for us to achieve. (Basically, we were able to replace acting scenes that we were not able to film.)

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

We all made a google doc and a group chat to talk about our film out of school. But we did talk to each other in class for help and when we had an idea.

Tools for Working (Info & Media Literacy)

We used your film camera, Thy’s phone, Joshes car, and Mrs. Donelleys classroom.

Ways of Living in the World (Life & Career)

As a screenwriter, I never thought that you needed to have a distinct rhythm for the script. But many kids in the class said my script was enjoyable when I wrote to a rhythm. So now type out essays I’m going to use this type of script/writing.

Reactions to the Final Version

“Your script was enjoyable!” -Josie

“The beats and script matched the film.” -I don’t know who said this

Self-Evaluation of Final Version

I think I did well on the dialog and I’m glad to learn rhythm in writing.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I think I helped with the pre-production planning. I had good ideas to add to the film (like throwing multiple paper balls).

Grammar and Spelling

I used the dictionary to spell and use my words right. (The one on the computer)